Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a crazy few weeks it has been

It has been a long few weeks, as work has been taking most of my time. I am pumped up to do a show tonight. We haven't had a show in a couple weeks, due to Easter, and other things. On tonight's show we will be discussing my meeting with Monica Conyers, Why the Deminski and Doyle show was cut an hour. Talk about Mark "the bird" death. Talk about how the Tigers have started, and Red Wings are in the playoffs again. Where are the Osgood haters now!!! Also I have discovered a fucking bald spot on my head!!! I'm 29 years old damn it.. But make sure you come join the show tonight from 9pm-10:30pm click the button below to join the chat room live or as always you can dial the call in number to listen or voice your opinion on the topics, or whatever at 347-324-5475.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mini Me birthday show

Hey everyone. Mini me is turning 30 tomorrow, and tonight will be a show to celebrate that. Make sure you call in at 347-324-5475 between 9pm-11pm est tonight and wish him a happy birthday. Or just visit to join the chat room.