Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mornings on Detroit radio sucks!!!!

This morning I took a break from Howard Stern just to listen what was on the air in the morning in Detroit, Boy was that a mistake. I turned on Gay Towers and Bill on 97.1, and what do I hear? Bill trying to do an impression of Ted Nugent!! For one is that guy even relevant anymore in Detroit? Not to mention the impression is horrible. Then Jay laughed, and then Sara got two words in and was cut off. Then I said what the hell I turned on Dick Purtan on 104.3, a Detroit legend, a guy I have much respect for. That is why I will just be nice by saying you are way behind the times Dick, it is time to retire bud, you just don't have it anymore. I then turned on Drewless and Mike on 101.1 WRIF. Mike was talking gossip like a 13 year old girl and giggling with whoever was in the room. I swear I had to check the channel to make sure I wasn't listening to WNIC. Then I turned it on 96.3 and they played 3 songs in a row, and I turned it off. Morning shows should be talk IMO. Too much music doesn't do it for me. I even turned on Steve Harvey, and unless you are some jive turkey from the 70's you don't understand that guy. To be fair I didn't check out 760, 105.1 (I don't need to listen to that to know it sucks) or 94.7.

I wonder how Detroit will dig out this hole of mediocre radio in the morning, and don't even get me started on pm drive time. When Valenti and Foster are #1 you know that there is not much out there. Mitch Albom can choke on a dick by the way.

I would love to see a few of the local newscasters have a radio show, like, Steve Wilson, Huel Perkins, Jason Carr, and Ron Savage. I guess that radio will not recover until January '09 for me. Sirius is my savior until then. I think that Drew Lane will pop up somewhere very soon!! I read this online at and I think this would be the way to get people excited about Detroit radio again. IMO I think there is some truth to this as well. So here is what Mike Austerman said:

I'm also going to be real interested to see if Lane shows up locally doing an afternoon talk program. With Deminski and Doyle also being on the sidelines for now, that's a ton of compelling talk talent that would like to be on the air during similar timeslots on stations that right now probably offer a completely different format. If someone could find a morning show that could successfully get after WRIF's morning audience and figure out a way to get Lane along with Deminski and Doyle in the lineup, you'd have a very compelling competitor for male listeners. And a very interesting war for listeners between WRIF, WXYT, WDFN, and any newcomer to the party


Josly said...

I don't always agree with you, but I see that you are objective in your
postings. Despite the differences I still enjoy reading your posts and I
often learn even when our viewpoints are different. :-)

SuperSize Scott said...

I appreciate that, I don't expect everyone to agree with me. Maybe sometimes I am a little out there, but if I wasn't, it wouldn't be my true opinion.