Friday, June 6, 2008

Kwame booed at the parade

It has been awhile since I have written a blog, I apologize, but I have worked 24 out of 25 days, and don't know when my next day off is.

This is 2 videos from the crowd perspective on Kwame's little rah rah speech that he gave today..... how pathetic. You always try to grasp on to the things that are succesful in Detroit that you have no part of. This is NOT your city anymore, nobody respects you, you are a joke Kwame. Why don't you go hide in that mansion that the poor people in Detroit are paying for until you are booted out of office. I think it is bad that you will be remembered as a worse mayor than that of Coleman Young. You try and play it off that you love this city....... well if you love it, and wish to let this city move forward, you should go, go far away, and shut your damn yapper.

this video is from the Oakland Press, and is close to the stage

This second video is from a longer distance away, and you can really see the reaction of the crowd

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