Thursday, August 21, 2008

Message Boards

Why is it that message boards always bring out the worst in people? Why is it that people think it is funny to post things about other peoples kids, families, lives? In the different boards that I have been on, and just gazed through and lurked, there is one common thing to all of them. You can go on there, anonymously, and just say whatever you want. I have seen personal threats, to young kids. I have seen people saying they wanted to rape people, and they just get away with it. What I have realized in my time going on these things is that, the more you respond to them, the more vicious they get. I only post on one board anymore, and that is the buzzboard there have been others that I have just altogether quit going to. I don't see the fun of being so hateful towards somebody, and the times I have been hateful, I never once was anonymous, and I would say the same things to their face. I have never wished anyone any harm, ecspecially a child. It is not funny, nor is it legal. Somehow there should be a way to find out who these assholes are, and drag them out in front of everybody to get the wrath they deserve. I am speaking in general terms here, not neccessarily me. Like I have seen Gregg Henson's family talked about, even though, I said some things, they were never to harm anyone. But that is my rant on message boards

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