Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The contreversy of the freak talent competition D&D

Here is the video of Shane the snorter, or now bettter known as Shane from pwned radio on 97.1 this is from the halloween show in 2005 live from Snookers in Southgate. This is the competion that mini me was also in and I have displayed the 2 videos down below. It was as clear as day in person that Shane did NOT snort the worm through his nose, he clearly covers his face, and slips the worm in his mouth, and it never enters through his nose. I am sorry Shane, I like ya dude, but truth is truth. Why not admit it now? You have the T.V. already :) Don "mini-me" came in 2nd in this competition, I added his performance as well.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer days

As you can tell by the lack of posts it has been a crazy, busy summer for me. I have been working some hours, and when I am not working I am spending it with my daughter swimming or at the bar. Summer is a great time in Michigan, the girls practically wear nothing, and the beer taste so much better. Wanted to update some people on a few things. I got the opportunity to meet some people from Blogtalkradio recently, like yoadrian, and Sarah, and Walled Lake Joe. We all met up at BWW in Novi, and to my surprise YO showed up, and is not in a wheelchair like we all were predicting. He is a cool son of a bitch, and would love to get drunk with that dude more often. Sarah is an attention whore, but if she went on meds she could be a cool chick as well. You all know WLJ from the past meeting we had at Comerica park. He recently made some business cards for me and I want to thank him for that. You can see what the cards look like at the top of this page.

We will be having a show tonight at 9pm, and some of the things that we will be talking about is KWAME and his thuggory, The Tigers, and how Todd Jones should be hung from my tree. We have some other things planned as well. Come join us tonight. Just click the button below.

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