Friday, January 9, 2009

D&D first week

Here are my impressions of the first week of the D&D show, as a long time fan (since the very first day) I will have to say that I think the show is doing great for the first week at a new company, new management, not being on for a year. There have been a lot of complaints I have seen on message boards about the new format. I.E. the music at 9am, all the interviews. Here is what I have to say about that. What us regular listeners have to understand, and this is even hard for me, is that they have a whole new audience they have to catch, this isn't just us long time fans listening here. I have restrained myself a couple of times from wanting to call in on topics. The new listeners have no idea who I am, or Pat, or Jay. I would rather give it time for the new listeners to adjust to the show than to make them feel that if you weren't an old listener, then you aren't welcome. Trust me I will be calling in at somepoint, but let them settle in to the new home. I just wanted to say great job guys, and glad you are back on the air.

***On a side note, if you click to the right where it says Deminski and Doyle fan podcast you can listen to any of the shows you have missed, and download them.

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