Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gregg....grow up man

Gregg Henson is really coming off as a jealous asshole. I made this comment on his blog and who know if he will post it. It describes what I feel.
You come off as you want everyone to fail Gregg. Why don't you admit that you are the Detroit Media Insider, and all those things that you said about Jeff and his show on there? And you expect him to have anything nice to say? Coward? You are the fucking coward Gregg. You have a website that makes you anonymous dude (well you thought you were) and when you reject this comment, that makes you more of a coward. Why don't you go to http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.nicolehenson.com and look for yourself what other sited are on that I.P. address? Oh yeah that's right "the Detroit media insider site" and when you make comments like this on your insider site, who can blame Jeff?
Stay tuned. The Insider isn’t a fan of D & D. While they sound like nice enough fellows, the show was lame and formulated. The Insider has it on good authority that the new consultant Tom Bigby formerly of WIP in Philadelphia listened to the show and recommended strongly that WKRK ditch the morning duo and pursue an edgier, less “boring” morning show.

I think this is it for D & D in Detroit. Where else would they work? WRIF? Doubtful. The show is simply to simple. The asking questions of the audience is very small market, they design the show to get multitudes of calls rather than entertainment value. D & D will end up on an AM station in a medium market. They should have taken whatever CBS was offering.

And what just a week or so later you were kissing his ass on this site asking him for a interview. You are the fucking coward Gregg. I liked you on your show, and I think it was entertaining, but dude your always wishing failure upon everyone in Detroit radio is kind of sad man. And you said also that you had more friends than Jeff in radio... Well I guess he hasn't burned as many bridges as you have... Because he can actually still work in Detroit radio...unlike you


Anonymous said...

I agree 3G is becoming a whiney fucking asshole. He wishes he had the talent D&D have, he wishes he was still on the air in Detroit.

Steve Wilson said...

The circumstantial evidence is piling on.  
You have the site you posted.  http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.nicolehenson.comThe funny thing about that site is that is says nicolehenson.com is worth more than detroitmediainsider.com. Then there's a site where Gregg is the only one to recommend detroitmediainsider.com. http://www.stumbleupon.com/url/detroitmediainsider.com/%253Fp%253D26
He told you that the Host IP just means the sites are hosted by the same
company.   A Google ad id, however, is exclusive to one owner and all
of Gregg's sites including Detroit Media Insider use pub-8432516579379861.   
You can also do a whois lookup at the following page http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp
If you look up detroitmediainsider.com, nicolehenson.com, and
greggandmichelle.com, they were all registered through Oneandeone private
registration, which is based in Chesterbrook,PA.   I would like to hear Gregg's exclamation for the Google ad id's being the same. The only way Gregg isn't the insider is if he set up the site for somebody he knows and lets them write the articles. That's not likely. By the way, did you notice that the asshole hates Valenti, but he has the Sports Inferno on his blogroll at detroitmediainsider.com