Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Have D&D found a new home?

Well on tuesday, WCSX let JJ & Lynne go. So what does that mean for us Deminski and Doyle fans???? It has been widely reported that JJ thought that was the reason they were let go. To move in D&D. Even though Greater Media is denying it, we all know what is going on. The big question is if Mike in the Morning currently on WRIF will be moved to WCSX and then having D&D on the WRIF. I have never had 94.7 on my presets, but if they announce this, it will be my #1 preset. I have listened to Sirius radio for most of the time they have been off the air. With an occasional listen to Mike. The one thing I know for certain is. DEMINSKI AND DOYLE WILL BE BACK IN JANUARY OF '09!! I don't really care what station they are on. Hell if it was Hip Hop & R&B I would still listen. (maybe they could bring back milky white toast) But I wanna hear from all of you, are you ready for D&D and does it matter what station they go to?

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