Sunday, November 2, 2008

The interview!!

Ok we just got done with the interview with "The Detroiter" and domain owner of and it did get heated at times, I think the interview overall went ok. We had him on to show what certain views people have, and to show that there are people with this much hatred. I am not bashing the guy I would like to point this out. I just have a total opposite opinion of what he believes. I am already getting the backlash from this interview, and would like to apologize for anything that was offensive to the listeners. I wanna thank him for joining the show. The archive of this show has been privatized by blogtalkradio and the only way you can listen to this interview is by clicking this direct link So in one of the most controversial interviews we have EVER done, or will EVER do, I would say to give it a listen. Thanks for all who joined the show. Back to the happy happy show next week. after this show we need it.


chrisfarley said...

WOW!!... SS & Mini!! that was an interesting interview to say the least!!

you guys did a great job. it's scary as hell to hear the hate inside "them".... the first 5 minutes I caught my self thinking "Ok they are a little nutty" ... but by the end I couldn't believe the hate for a race other than white... some scary shit!!

Keep up the show prep!! LOL....


ps buy a fukin Mac you Fuktardzzz!!

chrisfarley said...

WOW... great interview...

scary as hell to hear the hate for anyone other than white!! ... uggghhh....

I voting for McCain; that said... i kind of feel sorry for the Secret Service if Obama wins because they are going to be working major major overtime protecting him from the likes of who you had on lastnight!! and i'm sure the interview yesterday was just a tiny tip of the iceberg in "their circles"....



ps just buy a fukin mac and get it over with!!

chrisfarley said...


double post.. sorry... you can delete either one SS or Mini....


DetroitSucks said...

It's scary that someone would be so dumb as to consider a factually based belief system "scary".

You know what's scary?

A population of blacks that commit half the violent crime in this country while only being 1/10th of it's population.

You know what's scary?

Blacks rape 30,000 white women every year.

You know what's scary?

There are people in the world dumb enough to say "so what?" when I bring out the truth.

Wake the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

I've listened to Your show from Hungary - and agree completely With Detroiter.

Thank You for letting him speak his mind.

Anonymous said...

IT is not just detroit that has a serious problem with the "minority" race.It is a growing problem that we have in this nation and someone needs to address this problem before it is out of control.I'm sure it is not just the "racists" that have atleast thought "I better not go there it is a black neighborhood".

Rick said...

Have you looked at the FBI statistics? check the racial stats on the FBI Uniform Crime Reports

Anonymous said...

Supersize, I heard you say that you did not agree with interracial dating. I also heard you say "I believe in equality." Could you please tell us how you can hold two incompatible, incongruous thoughts in your mind at the same time? It seems the first would negate the second, and vice versa. Unless of course you agree with us, but simply choose to pay lip service to liberal mantras, making you at best a hypocrite, and, at worst, a simpering coward.

Orion said...

Wow, I just went to Chris' blog and everyone is white! I watched the first few minutes of the youtube video and I couldn't believe all the plain vanilla white bread faces on there! I caught myself thinking, "ok this is a little nutty but by the end of the video I couldn't believe he would employ anyone other than white! What hypocrisy! Boy, Some scary shit!

Snake @ Detroit Is Crap said...

That was pretty good for an internet show.

Of course it helps tremendously having a guest that has a good head on his shoulders.

I had to feel for Detroiter because he couldn't get it through to you guys what "Racism" really is. The Super Size guy kind of grasped it, but "Mini-Me" has a mini-mind when it comes to comprehension.

Please allow me to explain (what I have found to be) a pretty good analogy of how Proud Whites feel about our position in todays fucked up, Orwellian society:
There is surely no nation in the world that holds “racism” in greater horror than does the United States. Compared to other kinds of offenses, it is thought to be somehow more reprehensible. The press and public have become so used to tales of murder, rape, robbery, and arson, that any but the most spectacular crimes are shrugged off as part of the inevitable texture of American life. “Racism” is never shrugged off.

For example, when a white Georgetown Law School student reports that black students are less well qualified than white students, it sets off a booming, national controversy about “racism.” If the student had merely murdered someone he would have attracted far less attention and criticism.

Racism is, indeed, the national obsession. Universities are on full alert for it, newspapers and politicians denounce it, churches preach against it, America is said to be racked with it, but just what is racism?

Dictionaries are not much help in understanding what is meant by the word. They usually define it as the belief that one’s own ethnic stock is superior to others, or as the belief that culture and behavior are rooted in race. When Americans speak of racism they mean a great deal more than this.

“Black pride” is said to be a wonderful and worthy thing, but anything that could be construed as an expression of white pride is a form of hatred. It is perfectly natural for third-world immigrants to expect school instruction and driver’s tests in their own languages, whereas for native Americans to ask them to learn English is racist.

It is, of course, only white nations that are called upon to practice this kind of “diversity.” It is almost comical to imagine a nation of any other race countenancing blatant dispossession of this kind.

What whites in America are being asked to do is therefore utterly unnatural. They are being asked to devote themselves to the interests of other races and to ignore the interests of their own. This is like asking a man to forsake his own children and love the children of his neighbors, since to do otherwise would be “racist.”

What, then, is “racism?” It is considerably more than any dictionary is likely to say. It is any opposition by whites to official policies of racial preference for non-whites. It is any preference by whites for their own people and culture. It is any resistance by whites to the idea of becoming a minority people. It is any unwillingness to be pushed aside. It is, in short, any of the normal aspirations of peoplehood that have defined nations since the beginning of history — but only so long as the aspirations are those of whites.
I hope this helps you out Mini-Me.