Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tonights show!!

Come join us live Sunday night at 9pm-11pm est, We will be discussing various topics. The black friday deaths at Walmart, Plaxico Burress of the N.Y. Giants shooting himself, and my story of when I shot myself. Another High school girl gets caught with nudey pics on her phone in Grand Blanc. We will be calling the lawyer of the mother, who is suing the school. I will also be asking for some dating advice, come help me out. Then I am sure that Mini-me will have a rant for all of us. Come join us by clicking the button below, or you can call in and listen at 347-324-5475 Listen to SuperSize on internet talk radio

Friday, November 21, 2008

Guest announcement!!!

We will be having the youtube star that you have heard all the little drops from!! We will be having on the show Josh Perry, star of the "Retarded Policeman" videos. If you haven't seen these videos I have put some up on here to give you a chance to check them out. They are a part of Mediocre Films and they are releasing DVD of season 1&2 and all the unreleased videos. Also includes Lesbian Bikini wrestling. What gets better than that???? They will be coming on the S&M show Sunday, December 7th at 9pm est. In the mean time check out the videos, and get the DVD. They also have some hilarious shirts available as well. Can't wait to have them on. See ya there, check out these videos

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Congratulations to Lake Orion!!

Lake Orion finally made it over the hump last weekend by beating a MAC red team to make it to the State Semi finals in Division 1. In one of the craziest games I ever witnessed, high school, college, pro, the Dragons were up 35-7 with under 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, they gave up the lead as Sterling Heights Stevenson scored 29 straight points...but SHS left too much time on the clock. As Jeff Heath kicks a 49 yd fieldgoal(actually it was 50) to win the game as time expired!! What a feeling that must have been by him. A 49 yd field goal!!!! In high school, that is amazing. I have included some pictures I got from Good luck against 12-0 Dearborn Fordson this Saturday night at 7pm, at Troy Athens High School. I will be there to cheer you on.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gregg....grow up man

Gregg Henson is really coming off as a jealous asshole. I made this comment on his blog and who know if he will post it. It describes what I feel.
You come off as you want everyone to fail Gregg. Why don't you admit that you are the Detroit Media Insider, and all those things that you said about Jeff and his show on there? And you expect him to have anything nice to say? Coward? You are the fucking coward Gregg. You have a website that makes you anonymous dude (well you thought you were) and when you reject this comment, that makes you more of a coward. Why don't you go to and look for yourself what other sited are on that I.P. address? Oh yeah that's right "the Detroit media insider site" and when you make comments like this on your insider site, who can blame Jeff?
Stay tuned. The Insider isn’t a fan of D & D. While they sound like nice enough fellows, the show was lame and formulated. The Insider has it on good authority that the new consultant Tom Bigby formerly of WIP in Philadelphia listened to the show and recommended strongly that WKRK ditch the morning duo and pursue an edgier, less “boring” morning show.

I think this is it for D & D in Detroit. Where else would they work? WRIF? Doubtful. The show is simply to simple. The asking questions of the audience is very small market, they design the show to get multitudes of calls rather than entertainment value. D & D will end up on an AM station in a medium market. They should have taken whatever CBS was offering.

And what just a week or so later you were kissing his ass on this site asking him for a interview. You are the fucking coward Gregg. I liked you on your show, and I think it was entertaining, but dude your always wishing failure upon everyone in Detroit radio is kind of sad man. And you said also that you had more friends than Jeff in radio... Well I guess he hasn't burned as many bridges as you have... Because he can actually still work in Detroit radio...unlike you

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Come listen tonight

We are live tonight at 9pm est, just click the button below, or call in at 347-324-5475. Listen to SuperSize on internet talk radio

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Have D&D found a new home?

Well on tuesday, WCSX let JJ & Lynne go. So what does that mean for us Deminski and Doyle fans???? It has been widely reported that JJ thought that was the reason they were let go. To move in D&D. Even though Greater Media is denying it, we all know what is going on. The big question is if Mike in the Morning currently on WRIF will be moved to WCSX and then having D&D on the WRIF. I have never had 94.7 on my presets, but if they announce this, it will be my #1 preset. I have listened to Sirius radio for most of the time they have been off the air. With an occasional listen to Mike. The one thing I know for certain is. DEMINSKI AND DOYLE WILL BE BACK IN JANUARY OF '09!! I don't really care what station they are on. Hell if it was Hip Hop & R&B I would still listen. (maybe they could bring back milky white toast) But I wanna hear from all of you, are you ready for D&D and does it matter what station they go to?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Come listen

We will be back on the air tonight at 9pm est, come join the show. Click the button below or call in to listen at 347-324-5475
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The interview!!

Ok we just got done with the interview with "The Detroiter" and domain owner of and it did get heated at times, I think the interview overall went ok. We had him on to show what certain views people have, and to show that there are people with this much hatred. I am not bashing the guy I would like to point this out. I just have a total opposite opinion of what he believes. I am already getting the backlash from this interview, and would like to apologize for anything that was offensive to the listeners. I wanna thank him for joining the show. The archive of this show has been privatized by blogtalkradio and the only way you can listen to this interview is by clicking this direct link So in one of the most controversial interviews we have EVER done, or will EVER do, I would say to give it a listen. Thanks for all who joined the show. Back to the happy happy show next week. after this show we need it.

This sundays show!!

We have a guest this Sunday, it is none other than the guy who runs the site you have heard us talk about this site before. It is labeled as Detroit news for whites. Come in and join the chat, and let's try to keep this civil. By the way I do not condone what is written on his site. One thing that I am a big advocate on is FREE SPEECH!! Just because I don't agree with his views does not matter. I really want to know what happen in this guys life to have this much hate. So click the button below, or you can call in at 347-324-5475. Just so you can see some of his work, I linked some of the youtube videos he has made.
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