Friday, March 7, 2008

Blog talk radio

I have now been on blogtalkradio for a month, and what a great medium to have. Some of my favorite shows on there are A great show about sports, and just random topics he also has a blog at The Gregg and Michelle show, the vicroc show, there are tons of shows on blog talk radio, and it is all FREE, that is the greatest thing to the people that can't afford Sirius or XM. I have Sirius, but still finding myself listening to a lot of the shows on BTR. SO plese log onto and hit the "on air" button to listen to the live shows. Another great show is Kevmack666, all the shows that I mentioned are linked on the right side of my blog. Hope you enjoy

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M.D. Owings - Associate AIA said...

Thanks for the plug Scott. Much appreciated. I'll be listening.
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