Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kwame, You are going down!!!!

As I sat and watched Kym Worthy reading the statement today it gave me hope that this city isn't as naive as I thought it was. Even 95% of the people that I seen interviewed today from the CITY of Detroit agreed that this guy needs to just give it up. Now that all these lies have came out, even if he isn't convicted on any of the 8 felony counts that he is charged with. Fox 2 detroit has the story. I am apalled that it took so long to do the obvious, but let's all hope in the metro Detroit are that the wait will be worth it. I commend Kym Worthy for having the guts to tell this thug that we will not stand for lies, and just plain negligence of a very important job. We don't want you running the most important city in this state you thug!!! Now I hope you get to join all your boys in a pound me in the ass prison where you belong. And by the way, way to have a dumb smirk on your face while you are taking your mugshot, this is a serious matter asshole.

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