Thursday, March 6, 2008

Karma is a bitch....

So on Tuesday the ratings came out for the first phase Nov,Dec,Jan. and what do you know! the motor shitty mornings show will Bill and Jay 'the flame' Towers went from a 3.6 to a 1.8 in the most prime demographic of 25-54. And that included 1 month of live D&D shows! Maybe alienating all of Deminski and Doyle fans was not the best idea after all. I understand that there is now a new regime with Deb Kenyon, but if this show isn't off the air before April 1st, they are making a huge mistake IMO. The MCM show has to be the most annoying show I Have heard in years (ED TYLL, Steve Dahl) the topics that include Detroits best hamburger, Best strip clubs! Those were reported on Gregg Henson's blog talk radio show, I didn't listen to those topics personally, I would rather cut my nutsac and pour lemon juice on it. If you have one smart bone in your body Bill you would rid yourself of this retard. and go off on your own after you two get shit canned. I wish Bill the best, but with all the latest shit I Have heard, he is not the same Bill that first started at WKRK. He has developed an ego larger than my gut, and his interns hate him. Yes, I do still talk to people that work at 97.1 I hate that Bill has been turned into this holier than thou attitude. It is so cute to see you two on FOX 2 together. Well obviously that attitude isn't going over very well considering the latest numbers. CONGRATULATIONS! 19TH place! Even the christian station beat you. How pathetic, a 1.8, I will be the first to say goodbye Gay boy. Thanks to for the ratings info.

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