Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hatebreed show last night!!

Last night I went to the live DVD shoot for Hatebreed at Harpo's what a kick ass great show. There is nothing like true metal in a small venue, I was down in the pit, and whoever has been there knows that there is nothing like a Harpo's pit around here. They were shooting for their live DVD supremacy. The show opened up with 2 local bands, and then God Forbid, who tore the stage up. I have been to a lot of great concerts, Pantera, White Zombie, Metallica, and many more. But all of those were in huge venues. The whole pit was insane from the opening band at 6:30 until Hatebreed ended at almost midnight. After waking up today, I realized that I am way too old to be moshing in the pit, my neck is so stiff, my body aches, but it was well worth it. I can't wait to see the DVD to see me kicking everyones ass in the pit, only fell once from some asshole that hit me in the back. Here are pictures I took while taking a little break. ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Death Pool Dave

Deathpool Dave will be joining the BS show on Thursday night's show at 10pm est. This is the guy who you have heard on Deminski and Doyle here in Detoit, and many, many national shows. He is known for his parody songs such as Kick Ben Affleck's ass, Death pool dance, and of course my favorite song "thug mayor" which talks about the great hip hop mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. You can purchase thug mayor on Itunes or just go to He has a CD out called Necrology and a book also called Necronomican He also has a great song on the CD that is called "American soldier" I am excited about this interview, so come join the BS show this Thursday March 27th at 10pm at

Kwame, You are going down!!!!

As I sat and watched Kym Worthy reading the statement today it gave me hope that this city isn't as naive as I thought it was. Even 95% of the people that I seen interviewed today from the CITY of Detroit agreed that this guy needs to just give it up. Now that all these lies have came out, even if he isn't convicted on any of the 8 felony counts that he is charged with. Fox 2 detroit has the story. I am apalled that it took so long to do the obvious, but let's all hope in the metro Detroit are that the wait will be worth it. I commend Kym Worthy for having the guts to tell this thug that we will not stand for lies, and just plain negligence of a very important job. We don't want you running the most important city in this state you thug!!! Now I hope you get to join all your boys in a pound me in the ass prison where you belong. And by the way, way to have a dumb smirk on your face while you are taking your mugshot, this is a serious matter asshole.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Johnny Fratto interview on the BS show

On sunday's show we got a treat when me and mini decided to call a number that a friend gave me. None other than Johnny Fratto of Beverly Hills Choppers, and V.I.P. of the Howard Stern show. When he answered I was very nervous, but he was very cool, and talked about Eric the Actor, and why High Pitch Eric has been banned from JFSC He also talked about the Bike for the divas that was seen on WWE. So if you want to hear that interview, listen to This show. I would also like to welcome the new permanent co-host of the BS show Don "Mini-Me" LaBarge

Sunday, March 16, 2008


This is a person who keeps calling one of my favorite shows on blog talk radio, she lives in Cincinatti, call and bug her as much as you can 513-652-6921. Have fun all

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Will Deminski and Doyle return to Detroit radio????

Reading this article is giving me mixed messages, because during the whole BS that happened with 97.1 Mike Novak was always the one that was speaking the truth. Turning a staple radio station like WCSX into a talker just doesn't make sense to me. In a selfish way I hope this article would be true!!! I think it would be succesful with Drew Lane mornings, and D&D afternoons, or Vice versa. But this is the article from the Detroit Free Press March 11th.

D&D, Greater Media talk -- about what?

This much we know: A representative for Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle -- formerly of 97.1 FM -- has spoken with radio chain Greater Media about job opportunities.

But was it about replacing morning duo Jim Johnson and Lynne Woodison at Greater Media-owned WCSX-FM (94.7)? Or was it about taking a job at one of Greater Media's East Coast properties?

Depends on who you talk to.

D&D's attorney, Mike Novak, said he discussed WCSX and D&D with Greater Media. But Detroit Greater Media boss Tom Bender counters: "The conversations with D&D on behalf of Greater Media that I am aware of concerned one of our other stations in another market. I am still in charge of Detroit and have spoken to neither Novak nor D&D about WCSX."

If you love a conspiracy theory, chew on this: Woodison's and Johnson's pacts expire in March. D&D can't work in Detroit until January because of a non-compete clause. WCSX's classic rock format has been hurt by several other stations that nibble on the core music 'CSX plays. Might a format switch to talk -- no more expensive royalty payments to BMI and ASCAP! -- in a move that could include adding current WRIF-FM (101.1) talk absentee Drew Lane, be in the works for the new year? Then again, WCSX is one of Detroit's more stable performers over the last 20 years -- and why risk losing that in today's fickle radio world?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bracket Challenge

For anybody that would like to join a Bracket challenge to see how you stack up against each other go to to join the group name is: bsshow password:bsshow come join us.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Blog talk radio

I have now been on blogtalkradio for a month, and what a great medium to have. Some of my favorite shows on there are A great show about sports, and just random topics he also has a blog at The Gregg and Michelle show, the vicroc show, there are tons of shows on blog talk radio, and it is all FREE, that is the greatest thing to the people that can't afford Sirius or XM. I have Sirius, but still finding myself listening to a lot of the shows on BTR. SO plese log onto and hit the "on air" button to listen to the live shows. Another great show is Kevmack666, all the shows that I mentioned are linked on the right side of my blog. Hope you enjoy

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Karma is a bitch....

So on Tuesday the ratings came out for the first phase Nov,Dec,Jan. and what do you know! the motor shitty mornings show will Bill and Jay 'the flame' Towers went from a 3.6 to a 1.8 in the most prime demographic of 25-54. And that included 1 month of live D&D shows! Maybe alienating all of Deminski and Doyle fans was not the best idea after all. I understand that there is now a new regime with Deb Kenyon, but if this show isn't off the air before April 1st, they are making a huge mistake IMO. The MCM show has to be the most annoying show I Have heard in years (ED TYLL, Steve Dahl) the topics that include Detroits best hamburger, Best strip clubs! Those were reported on Gregg Henson's blog talk radio show, I didn't listen to those topics personally, I would rather cut my nutsac and pour lemon juice on it. If you have one smart bone in your body Bill you would rid yourself of this retard. and go off on your own after you two get shit canned. I wish Bill the best, but with all the latest shit I Have heard, he is not the same Bill that first started at WKRK. He has developed an ego larger than my gut, and his interns hate him. Yes, I do still talk to people that work at 97.1 I hate that Bill has been turned into this holier than thou attitude. It is so cute to see you two on FOX 2 together. Well obviously that attitude isn't going over very well considering the latest numbers. CONGRATULATIONS! 19TH place! Even the christian station beat you. How pathetic, a 1.8, I will be the first to say goodbye Gay boy. Thanks to for the ratings info.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brett Favre retiring.....FINALLY!!!!

As a fan of the NFL you have to appreciate all the things that Favre has accomplished throughout his 17 year career. All of the records, The 3 MVP's, a Superbowl champion. He was known as a great role model for children all over the world. Now that I got that out of the way, I would like to tell you how I feel as a Detroit Lions fan!!! Good riddance mother fucker, The pain pill addiction, to using your own fathers death as an opportunity for publicity, and the fact that your wife had to go through cancer without you, you weren't man enough to retire when your family needed you most. Then all of the bullshit you tried to pull with other teamates contracts, kiss my ass Brett Favre, you piece of shit. Maybe the lions can actually go to Lambeau and win :) This is my favorite moment of Brett, fucking crybaby

Monday, March 3, 2008

Last nights show!!!

Last night we had our first 2 hour show, and it was our best ever with 226 live listeners!! My co-host Brian overslept and Mini-me was cool enough to sit in for the entire show. We talked about some sports, and a few local stories. We also did our deathpool picks. If anyone is interested in joining our deathpool email me at We will also be taking calls for your picks. You can listen to the archived shows by going to We will be discussing the Detroit radio rating our next show. Come and join the chaos that is the BS show.