Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't let the door hit ya...

Last week Kevin Murphy was moved to Riverside, Ca. to oversee (fire everyone) the stations Out there, and this has to be the best news I have heard in months. This guy is a complete ASSHOLE! I had a few conversations with this guy personally via phone, and I do not have one good thing to say about him. He was rude, and did not give 2 shits what us people in Detroit thought, as long as he made his budget. Just ask Art Regner of WXYT, Tom and Mindy of WOMC, Deminski and Doyle, Bob Bauer of 97.1 and many, many more behind the scenes! He is the disgrace that radio has to rid themselves of, or you will see many more people moving to internet, satellite, and Ipod for radio. Hell it is already happening. Do not kid yourself to think that what is known as terrestial radio aren't shaking in their boots after Howard left so did most of the revenue. Why do you think the Sirius/XM merger has not gone through? Now I don't claim to know Deb Kenyon, the person that has taken over for Kevin, but in reality, could it honestly be any worse? I was reading the article in the Oakland Press today called "On the radio" a weekly article in the Arts section, you can read it at and you know when Art Vuolo has very few nice words to say, you are not well respected in the radio world. Now go away Kevin, and stay away scumbag. Oh and P.s make sure you at your new stations you don't discuss your employees salaries with fans, like you did with me. Farewell Chicken fucker

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