Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I like Gregg!

I received a few emails saying that he referred to me as a "fat pig" on his show for me saying that Michelle was sick of him already. I didn't listen to to the show live, but just went back and archived the show. I did hear him talk about it, and I want to clear some shit up.

I like Gregg, and when he was here I listened on a daily basis, his show was very entertaining. I received a message from someone on a message board saying Michelle was sick of you Gregg, probably the same guy that messaged you saying that when she didn't show up that day. To this day I like Gregg. I talked with him on the phone for a good 30 minutes a couple weeks back, and I apologized for being an asshole about the phone number on the buzzboard.(I didn't give it out or anything) He helped me set up with blog talk radio, and gave me some tips on some shit to get me going with uploads, and things of that nature. If I was awake at 1pm to listen to his show live everyday I would. The guy doesn't deserve the shit that he gets, and I realize that me making those posts of Gregg Henson exposed was an asshole move on my part. But I consider Jeff Deminski a friend, and when I seen that Gregg was (maybe) the Detroit media insider, I felt that I had to point it out that he said he liked Jeff in one post, then ripped him in another. I wanna make it clear that I did that on my own, Jeff did not have nothing to do with it. I just felt as a friend, that I was defending for Jeff.

I realize that I am just a flea compared to Gregg Henson, He has accomplished a lot in radio, at least he had the balls to persue it. (unlike me)

So I just wanted to make this post, for what it is worth, I WILL NO LONGER EVER SAY 1 BAD WORD ABOUT GREGG HENSON. So any of you fuckers that messsage me with Gregg Henson information, I will be deleting it. I am done with it, I like Gregg, and always have. I guess I stepped over the boundaries as a fan.

yes I will say it MANCRUSH!!!!

Not that he needs any plugs, but you can listen to the Gregg and Michelle show at www.greggandmichelle.com and don't forget my first show will be February 17th at 6pm on www.blogtalkradio.com/supersize

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