Thursday, February 7, 2008

Michigan Weather sucks!!!!!

I am about to go fucking crazy with all this snow. I can't remember a winter that we have had so many huge snow storms in one year. With the economy being as bad as it is, and all the corruption that has been going on in this state, I am surprised that people actually still stay here. This morning when I got off work the roads were still shitty, On my way into work tonight it was twice as bad. Enough with the damn snow!!!! Then I hear that it is supposed to snow all weekend now too, I guess I know what I am planning. Looks like I will pull the sleds out, and take my daughter to have some fun.

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Anonymous said...

I hear that! I hope this is my Last Year in Michigan for Several Reasons!!! This State is Going Nowhere and the Weather seams to get increasingly bad, also the price of Natural Gas doesn't make it any better! Why am I here? I won't be in a couple of years as my wife & I agree that this state doesn't offer enough to stay!!! : Mark