Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have watched every episode since this show has started religously. Saying that, this season was my most anticipated after the way last season ended with Jack and Kate meeting up at the airport. After an 8 month wait this season is full of NEW mysteries, even though they have left many of past questions unanswered. Who was in the cabin when Hurley looked in? What I am getting out of that is it was Locke. Ben cant hear or see Jacob, Locke cant see, but hear Jacob. And Hurley can see Jacob. What does all that mean? What was up with the polar bear bones, and the dharma insignia that was dug up? I am taking that was a flash back? All these questions are what keep me watching this show, and I hope it is all worth the wait in the end. I Hope all these writers have some scripts ready when this strike is over. Only six more episodes, and I hope it is not another 8 months until we get to see more episodes.

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