Thursday, February 21, 2008

The next show

This sunday we will be doing a show at 8pm, and we have a lot of things planned. We will be honoring the shipment of that dumbass Kevin Murphy to Riverside, Ca. by conducting a Murphy poll of Detroiters, and asking them questions about Kwame. Lets see if all the Murphy's are complete retards.(Yes I am ripping off Drew and Mike) but I Guarantee they wont ask the questions I am. We will definately have fun with them. I also want to rant about the customer service dept. in a certain cell phone company, and the frustrations of dealing with non-English speaking Mother fuckers. I am sick of having to be P.C. about this shit. I will explain how heated that conversation got. You can hear our archived shows at and that is also where you can hear the show live sunday at 8pm. Come join us, and rant about whatever is on your mind.

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