Friday, February 15, 2008

The Mayor !!!!!

The mayor of Detroit keeps on the path that he started when he was first elected into office. Nothing has changed with mayor kwame Kilpatrick he has done nothing but lie to the people of Detroit and anyone in the state of Michigan that listens to the radio or watches the local news. With in the last year or so the city of Detroit has been in national head lines and not for anything positive. The most recent problem being the whistle blower trial in Detroit. Two police officers from Detroit were fired for god knows what but they won there case against the city costing the city millions upon millions. After the case was over text messages between the mayor and his chief of staff that reveled that there was a chance that he might have lied under oath. This city has nothing but supported the mayor problem after problem and if I lived in the city of Detroit I would finally say enough is enough and do what ever I could to get this piece of shit Kwame Kilpatrick out of office. His done nothing but bring down a city that is already in the gutter and now it’s bring national attention and hurting the city that much more all the money that our local casinos have put into Detroit its making people not want to come to Detroit and visit and see the sites. The people of Detroit need to ball up and tell the mayor to pack his shit and get the fuck out of here. If the people of Detroit reelect this piece of garbage they deserve what they get. I hope that it doesn’t come to the citizens of Detroit because honestly I don’t trust them they have had one good mayor in twenty years and it was not the piece of shit Coleman Young or kwame Kilpatrick. I hope the prosecutor finds evidence that he did fuck up and throws his sorry ass in jail.

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