Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The reason I hate catholics

Catholicism what a joke! As a lot of you know I do security for special occasions to make some extra cash, I do a ton of beer tents, and festivals during the summer. I know the catholic rant is old and tired, but what I witness at these events is just laughable to call yourself a religion. I am doing an event tonight at a catholic church, and I know what is going to happen. I think it is funny that you can drag kegs, and have a gambling room INSIDE a church. At these events during the summer they are opened up to the public to raise money for the churches, or as I see to pay off lawyer fees of the little boy ass rapings that go on. Religion is not about faith, all they want it for is money, money, money! Do you honestly think that your 10 or 20% that they ask of your paycheck actually goes to funding mission trips, and help to people in need? It is a bunch of bullshit. Not only do the people running these events get drunk, we continuously are breaking up fights, and kicking people out for getting touchy feely to people that dont want to be touched. Yeah great religion you have there. drinking,gambling,molestation, bribery, rape, fighting, homosexual acts, but hey no condoms, or abortion guess that evens everything out. What a fucking joke. I myself believe in God, but I am not giving 20% of my paycheck, fuck that.

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