Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't let the door hit ya...

Last week Kevin Murphy was moved to Riverside, Ca. to oversee (fire everyone) the stations Out there, and this has to be the best news I have heard in months. This guy is a complete ASSHOLE! I had a few conversations with this guy personally via phone, and I do not have one good thing to say about him. He was rude, and did not give 2 shits what us people in Detroit thought, as long as he made his budget. Just ask Art Regner of WXYT, Tom and Mindy of WOMC, Deminski and Doyle, Bob Bauer of 97.1 and many, many more behind the scenes! He is the disgrace that radio has to rid themselves of, or you will see many more people moving to internet, satellite, and Ipod for radio. Hell it is already happening. Do not kid yourself to think that what is known as terrestial radio aren't shaking in their boots after Howard left so did most of the revenue. Why do you think the Sirius/XM merger has not gone through? Now I don't claim to know Deb Kenyon, the person that has taken over for Kevin, but in reality, could it honestly be any worse? I was reading the article in the Oakland Press today called "On the radio" a weekly article in the Arts section, you can read it at and you know when Art Vuolo has very few nice words to say, you are not well respected in the radio world. Now go away Kevin, and stay away scumbag. Oh and P.s make sure you at your new stations you don't discuss your employees salaries with fans, like you did with me. Farewell Chicken fucker

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The next show

This sunday we will be doing a show at 8pm, and we have a lot of things planned. We will be honoring the shipment of that dumbass Kevin Murphy to Riverside, Ca. by conducting a Murphy poll of Detroiters, and asking them questions about Kwame. Lets see if all the Murphy's are complete retards.(Yes I am ripping off Drew and Mike) but I Guarantee they wont ask the questions I am. We will definately have fun with them. I also want to rant about the customer service dept. in a certain cell phone company, and the frustrations of dealing with non-English speaking Mother fuckers. I am sick of having to be P.C. about this shit. I will explain how heated that conversation got. You can hear our archived shows at and that is also where you can hear the show live sunday at 8pm. Come join us, and rant about whatever is on your mind.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thanks for listening!!!!

I would like to thank everyone that took the time to listen to our show last Sunday, we hit a snag right from the beginning with me getting a text as the opening music was on. The text message saying that Renee Vitale would not be able to make the show do to a family emergency. We talked about the Steven Grant case, a little nascar, and the Red Wings. It was a very succesful show, and hope to make this show grow each time we are on. We will be doing a show next sunday at 8pm, we have some fun things planned. If you missed the show you can listen just hit play on the blog talk radio player to the right.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Mayor !!!!!

The mayor of Detroit keeps on the path that he started when he was first elected into office. Nothing has changed with mayor kwame Kilpatrick he has done nothing but lie to the people of Detroit and anyone in the state of Michigan that listens to the radio or watches the local news. With in the last year or so the city of Detroit has been in national head lines and not for anything positive. The most recent problem being the whistle blower trial in Detroit. Two police officers from Detroit were fired for god knows what but they won there case against the city costing the city millions upon millions. After the case was over text messages between the mayor and his chief of staff that reveled that there was a chance that he might have lied under oath. This city has nothing but supported the mayor problem after problem and if I lived in the city of Detroit I would finally say enough is enough and do what ever I could to get this piece of shit Kwame Kilpatrick out of office. His done nothing but bring down a city that is already in the gutter and now it’s bring national attention and hurting the city that much more all the money that our local casinos have put into Detroit its making people not want to come to Detroit and visit and see the sites. The people of Detroit need to ball up and tell the mayor to pack his shit and get the fuck out of here. If the people of Detroit reelect this piece of garbage they deserve what they get. I hope that it doesn’t come to the citizens of Detroit because honestly I don’t trust them they have had one good mayor in twenty years and it was not the piece of shit Coleman Young or kwame Kilpatrick. I hope the prosecutor finds evidence that he did fuck up and throws his sorry ass in jail.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

quick meet and greet

Brian joined me for a short segment tonight so everyone can get an idea who he is. Unfortunately he didn't come across very loud so turn the speakers up. To listen to the show you can simply just hit play on the blogtalkradio symbol to the right, or you can visit Have a good day

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I like Gregg!

I received a few emails saying that he referred to me as a "fat pig" on his show for me saying that Michelle was sick of him already. I didn't listen to to the show live, but just went back and archived the show. I did hear him talk about it, and I want to clear some shit up.

I like Gregg, and when he was here I listened on a daily basis, his show was very entertaining. I received a message from someone on a message board saying Michelle was sick of you Gregg, probably the same guy that messaged you saying that when she didn't show up that day. To this day I like Gregg. I talked with him on the phone for a good 30 minutes a couple weeks back, and I apologized for being an asshole about the phone number on the buzzboard.(I didn't give it out or anything) He helped me set up with blog talk radio, and gave me some tips on some shit to get me going with uploads, and things of that nature. If I was awake at 1pm to listen to his show live everyday I would. The guy doesn't deserve the shit that he gets, and I realize that me making those posts of Gregg Henson exposed was an asshole move on my part. But I consider Jeff Deminski a friend, and when I seen that Gregg was (maybe) the Detroit media insider, I felt that I had to point it out that he said he liked Jeff in one post, then ripped him in another. I wanna make it clear that I did that on my own, Jeff did not have nothing to do with it. I just felt as a friend, that I was defending for Jeff.

I realize that I am just a flea compared to Gregg Henson, He has accomplished a lot in radio, at least he had the balls to persue it. (unlike me)

So I just wanted to make this post, for what it is worth, I WILL NO LONGER EVER SAY 1 BAD WORD ABOUT GREGG HENSON. So any of you fuckers that messsage me with Gregg Henson information, I will be deleting it. I am done with it, I like Gregg, and always have. I guess I stepped over the boundaries as a fan.

yes I will say it MANCRUSH!!!!

Not that he needs any plugs, but you can listen to the Gregg and Michelle show at and don't forget my first show will be February 17th at 6pm on

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have watched every episode since this show has started religously. Saying that, this season was my most anticipated after the way last season ended with Jack and Kate meeting up at the airport. After an 8 month wait this season is full of NEW mysteries, even though they have left many of past questions unanswered. Who was in the cabin when Hurley looked in? What I am getting out of that is it was Locke. Ben cant hear or see Jacob, Locke cant see, but hear Jacob. And Hurley can see Jacob. What does all that mean? What was up with the polar bear bones, and the dharma insignia that was dug up? I am taking that was a flash back? All these questions are what keep me watching this show, and I hope it is all worth the wait in the end. I Hope all these writers have some scripts ready when this strike is over. Only six more episodes, and I hope it is not another 8 months until we get to see more episodes.

All ready to go Sunday

Tonight I did a little test show to check out audio, and learn how to run the switchboard. I played a few songs, and studdered my way through for 15 minutes. Everything came out good, and I am ready to get the show rollin'. The show is scheduled on Feb. 17th at 6pm. Leave some comments to let me know what interest everyone the most. I am goin to try and suffer through the Jay and Bill show for a few days to see why everybody hates this show. I Have not listened to 97.1 since the departure of D&D. So send some suggestions of what you want to hear my way. you can hear the show at go there now if ya want to hear a few songs for 15 minutes.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Michigan Weather sucks!!!!!

I am about to go fucking crazy with all this snow. I can't remember a winter that we have had so many huge snow storms in one year. With the economy being as bad as it is, and all the corruption that has been going on in this state, I am surprised that people actually still stay here. This morning when I got off work the roads were still shitty, On my way into work tonight it was twice as bad. Enough with the damn snow!!!! Then I hear that it is supposed to snow all weekend now too, I guess I know what I am planning. Looks like I will pull the sleds out, and take my daughter to have some fun.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Working in radio

Ever since the age of 15 I have wanted to work in radio, I use to call up radio people and just talk to them on overnights. A lot of them were real cool to me. One in particular was Renee Vitale who use to work at 103.1 out of Lapeer, now she works for 96.3, and I think still teaches at Specs Howard. I just always had an obsession with it. I was lucky enough that Deminski and Doyle was cool enough to let me be a part of the show. It is surprising that Jeff didnt put a restraining order on me, as I use to call his office phone on a daily basis using my lispy homo voice just trying to have fun on his voicemail. Then two months or so into me doing the gay voice on the voicemail he started picking the phone up and asking what my problem was (not in an angry way) I then started talking to him in a normal voice, and he was always easy going and joked with me. I first met Jeff at the 1st auto show they did, and basically just asked him why he hated the word booger? The 1st contest I ever won was the biggest beer belly contest at Duggans on St Pattys day. I then won two tickets to Ozzfest with Rudx and the old producer Lee. Rudy was cool enough to let me come in and do static radio with him and that was one of the coolest things I Have ever done. my point is that I really wanted to pursue a radio career, and after all the bullshit I Have seen go on at CBS and now with Henson, I am so glad that I did not. I am still going to have my fun by doing a podcast show very soon.

The reason I hate catholics

Catholicism what a joke! As a lot of you know I do security for special occasions to make some extra cash, I do a ton of beer tents, and festivals during the summer. I know the catholic rant is old and tired, but what I witness at these events is just laughable to call yourself a religion. I am doing an event tonight at a catholic church, and I know what is going to happen. I think it is funny that you can drag kegs, and have a gambling room INSIDE a church. At these events during the summer they are opened up to the public to raise money for the churches, or as I see to pay off lawyer fees of the little boy ass rapings that go on. Religion is not about faith, all they want it for is money, money, money! Do you honestly think that your 10 or 20% that they ask of your paycheck actually goes to funding mission trips, and help to people in need? It is a bunch of bullshit. Not only do the people running these events get drunk, we continuously are breaking up fights, and kicking people out for getting touchy feely to people that dont want to be touched. Yeah great religion you have there. drinking,gambling,molestation, bribery, rape, fighting, homosexual acts, but hey no condoms, or abortion guess that evens everything out. What a fucking joke. I myself believe in God, but I am not giving 20% of my paycheck, fuck that.

Monday, February 4, 2008

New podcast show

I have scheduled my first podcast show for Sunday February 17th at 6:00p.m. go to to set a reminder. I will most likely have a co-host his name is Brian, good guy, kind of out there. We have a lot of things planned, like ticket giveawys for Hatebreed Live DVD shoot at Harpo's on March 29th. So come check us out and have some fun

Welcome to my blog

I have set this blog up for the people of Detroit, and everyone else to be able to voice their opinion. I will not censor anybody, unlike other people who have blogs. (Gregg) So I want be the first to welcome everyone, let's get the party started